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Private Label Wound Care Contract Manufacturing Adhesives & Laminates Advanced Wound Care

Broad portfolio of hydrocolloid laminate adhesive formulations ideal for wound care, first aid, ostomy and other medical device fixation products.

Adhesives & Laminates

SMP makes medical grade hydrocolloid adhesive formulations for a variety of professional and consumer needs and indications. SMP follows exacting production protocols and QSR standards in order to provide our customers with the highest level of product quality.

SMP offers three standard Hydrocolloid adhesive formulations that vary the balance between a desired fluid absorption rate and the strength of adhesion needed for a particular product indication.

For professional acute and chronic wound needs, SMP produces an adhesive formulation with increased fluid absorption capability and an adequate level of adhesion in order to deliver an acceptable wear time.

For minor wounds and everyday first aid needs, SMP has an adhesive formula with increased adhesive properties and a lower absorption capacity that may be more suitable for this type of indication.

Aside from our standard hydrocolloid adhesive laminate products, SMP also has the creative design capability to develop customized adhesive formulations in a variety of thicknesses and cover stocks

Common Indications for use:

  • Pressure ulcer, leg ulcer and diabetic foot ulcer wound dressing
  • Post op dressing for surgical site protection
  • Central line or peripheral IV line dressing
  • Ostomy adhesive skin barrier to protect skin from stoma effluent
  • Fixation adhesive for incontinence products, electrodes, and catheter anchoring devices
  • Consumer foot and heel dressings
  • Delivery vehicle for cosmetic agents

Laminate specification sheet available upon request.

  • High Adhesion with Low absorption formulations.
  • Moderate Adhesion with Moderate absorption formulations.
  • High Absorption with Low adhesion formulations.
  • Or, when off the shelf formulations are not the solution, let SMP design and develop a custom alternative.
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